Open Discussion: Sam Fine Says Biggest Mistake Women Of Color Make Is NOT Wearing Makeup. You Agree?

I was reading an article published by Clutch Magazine and Fashion Bomb Daily where they requested some of Sam Fines brutal, but harmless honesty. When asked about the biggest mistake African American women make when dealing with makeup:

I think the biggest beauty mistake is really not wearing makeup.

In my mind, I let out a huge WELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, because he read my mind. And reinforces his statement and goes on to say:

I think the biggest beauty mistake is not understanding how to enhance your beauty,” Sam added. “And I think a lot of [women of color] are scared that makeup is going to make [them] look fake, ‘It’s not gonna look like me, they’re not going to have my color.

And again I agree. We are so accustomed to putting the spotlight on makeup done wrong

Lil Kim

…paired with the unrealistic expectations of some beauty enthusiasts (yanno, 30 eyeshadow colors on one lid, bright lip, bright cheek, real artistic but really looks quite clown-ish?) And there you have it, Media generated fear of makeup, thanks to celebrities, and bloggers, and Youtube vloggers. Not blaming you all, just some. If you know I’m not referring to you, don’t join the party.

Then move on to the consumer and some of the biggest marketed products, they don’t even sell makeup in our shades. Look at Neutrogena, Rimmel, and certain foundation lines from NYX, they don’t sell foundations that even cater to African American women. Some don’t sell shades to compliment African American skin, much less even show up on our skin.

So the first step, is to understand that all brands are not marketed for you, and they should be avoided until they decide to. Covergirl has the Queen Collection, Milani has an absolutely wonderful collection of makeup for us, Fashion Fair is no longer your granny’s makeup, Revlon, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Iman, Black Opal, you want me to keep going? What brand you purchase needs to be more about you and less about being a brand snob. IF that’s part of the problem. It’s about using what works for you, and is marketed to you.

Second step, more time enhancing your beauty, less time striving to look like a clown, which ultimately makes you give up on trying to apply makeup altogether. Focus on brightening the skin, exfoliating your lips, improve skin tone, texture, these are enhancements too! 

Here’s a challenge. Right here, right now. Go get a mirror. Tell me what feature on your face you love the most- Is it your full lips? Is it your beautiful brown eyes? Is it the almond shape of your eyes? Do you love your cheekbones? Now. Seek to enhance that. Makeup is fun and experimental, and there’s too much right to go wrong. Try it out.

What do you think about Sam Fine’s statements? Do you agree? Disagree, Comment and let me know!

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6 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Sam Fine Says Biggest Mistake Women Of Color Make Is NOT Wearing Makeup. You Agree?

  1. Rai

    I personally don't think everyone NEEDS makeup, but I do notice a lot of WOC are anti-makeup. I think a lot of that comes from other people (and even WOC themselves) saying that we can't wear this or we shouldn't wear that though.
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  2. Niki

    So many women in my family say "you don't need makeup" or "black women don't need _____". No. We don't NEED it but what's wrong with accentuating what we have of glamming it up every once and a while? I don't wear makeup daily but when I do I always try something new. It's usually subtle, but still new. I find it strange how many "urban" people will experiment and splurge on new things that are rarely marketed for them (tech crap, cars, televisions, gadgets, pseudo-couture clothing items,etc) but they won't spring for something to improve or enhance their looks. They'll go to a salon and let some bozo use bonding glue to paste tacky lashes to their skin for $40 but will gasp at the thought of an $8 lengthening mascara from the drugstore. Um. Ok.

    I totally agree with us using what's marketed for us. Sure you can still purchase things from the lines that don't have foundations for WOC but spread your wings. I was shocked when I bought a tinted moisturizer from Bobbi Brown. I have a strange skin tone (and a skin condition) and it was DEFINITELY made for me.


  3. @Chocos_Kinks

    Well, I was one of those people who thought make-up would make me look "fake". But I've been using it more and more lately. I am just trying things out and seeing what works for me.


  4. Lola AM

    I think it's hair. What's the point of makeup if your hair, wig, or weave is a mess? I see bad hair days a mile away. Makeup? Not so much.
    I do see the benefits of makeup IF applied correctly. I'm tired of see unblended eye shadow and the wrong shade of foundation though.


  5. vonnie

    i used to work for a black cosmetic line, Big Girl Cosmetics, and whew chile, it was like pulling teeth to get black women to want to even consider makeup half of the time. and i'm not talking about flawless beauties who couldn't benefit from a little skin evening with foundation and a pop of color with lipstick. these people were ANTI makeup but it seemed like they were scared and therefore rejecting it before it rejected them type of deal: "i don't wear that stuff, no one ever taught me how to, i don't like to feel makeup, unh unh" then were fascinated when I'd do a makeover on someone in front of them and want to look like that too (i'd do something SOFT, just pretty) and then seem scared that they couldn't do it so just didn't want anything.

    black women used to be glamorous in like the 60s and before, maybe even up to the 90s, but there have been some MAJOR generation gaps with feminine beauty knowledge going on with us.
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  6. Vixxan

    I have to disagree with Mr. Fine on this one. I love makeup and I probably wear makeup 5 out of a 7 days week. I think wearing makeup is a personal choice and it's never a necessity. I wear it because I love it, but for those don't love it, they have the freedom to go without it.

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