Women’s Style In 2018

Style can mean anything, from having a simple scarf to complement your coat, or a cocktail dress you’ve paired with a low hanging necklace, or simply a good pair of shoes that make you strut down the street. Not to mention, there’s a lot you can layer on top of any basic outfit of the day to make sure you look like a stunner when you’re at work or meeting your friends for a coffee. However, we still like to think there’s a lot of rules surrounding what’s acceptable to be paired together, but this year is shaping up to be a good break away from this preset!

So if you feel like for this year it’s time to make a change, to put more effort into the way you dress and how it makes you feel, 2018 is a great time for it. Seeing as so many fashions have both come out and resurged from years ago, albeit in a much more stylish way, there’s so much you can experiment with when you’re looking in the mirror.



Wear Light Colors

Pastels are entirely on trend for this year, and they look great when paired with similar light colors for the perfect spring and summer feeling. Because they’re paler shades, they reflect light very well, and they’re mostly made out of cotton materials; lightweight and airy, perfect for making sure you don’t have any sweat patches! It’s practical fashion at its best.

You can pair plenty of pastel colors together, as they all work well together, and you never want to be too much of a blank canvas. Plus, when you pair colors together, there’s a lot of complementary combinations that can draw the eye to you. If you’re looking for more appreciation out on the street, this is a good way to make yourself feel like a fairy people just can’t resist!


Look Up to the Celebrities

Celebrities often lead the world of fashion, wearing the most experimental styles when out in public, and having pictures of these outfits posted everywhere for people to appreciate. So if you like a certain style but you’re too nervous to wear it out and about, look up some photos of your favorite celebs and follow in their footsteps. Don’t worry if you think you don’t look quite as good as they do; they have a full hair and makeup team to make them look like a work of art made real.

So if you’ve got a fancy dinner to attend or an awards ceremony for work, or you simply want to completely knock out your date when you finally go out with them, head to TodayTix favorite Oscar dresses article to see some of the styles that will more than do the trick for you. The dresses or outfits you see on the red carpet often can’t be afforded by us, the ‘common woman’, but there’s a lot of alternatives and similar color schemes out there. And if you’ve got any sewing skills on your side (or a grandmother who loves you), you can try to craft the dress yourself.


Flannel Always Looks Good

Flannel is something we traditionally associated with the 20th century, but it’s making a wonderful resurgence amongst the younger and older crowd these days. When you’re wearing a flannel shirt, you look in control, and that’s something a lot of people love about their looks these days. You’re comfortable, you look good, and you can always take it off when the warmer spring days get too much for you. Not to mention the interesting color patterns you can find, whether you like a light pink lumberjack look, or the classic red check coat you’d love to wear on colder days.

Let’s leave the traditional idea of tweed out of the window right now, and instead focus on the number of ways a flannel or plaid shirt can be styled when you’ve got a single vest on underneath. You can tie it at the waist and go for a more crop top look, or you can tuck it into a pair of skinny jeans to highlight all the curves you really love. Something like this works for every woman out there, and you’re always going to look like you’re ready for fun!

Women’s style is anything a woman wants to wear, and it only ever matters that you like what you’re wearing! Don’t worry, you’ll always going to get a compliment from your friends, family and even some nice strangers!

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