Work That Confidence On Your Summer Vacay With These Great Tips

Now we are well into February, many of us are already thinking about our summer vacations. Why? Well, it’s no secret that booking early can mean you end up grabbing a sweet deal on an exotic break. Plus, even though we may have only been back at work for just over a month, the cold winter season can sometimes make it feel more like a year! If you are finding yourself dreaming of sun sea and sand, you are probably only days away from booking that much-needed trip away. But it’s once you’ve handed your cash over to the airlines and your hotel company that the pressure can start to intensify. Instead of sporting a beach-ready physique, you are still sporting what can only be described as ‘Christmas bod’. There’s nothing wrong with gaining a bit of weight over the festive season – after all, we all do it! But once you’ve booked your vacation you might feel as though you are against the clock when it comes to feeling ready for summer. Here are some of the ways you can keep yourself looking fresh and ready to strike a pose in all those vacation snaps.

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Tone up

Crash dieting to lose loads of weight before going away is what a lot of women turn to – but actually, it can do you more harm than good. As well as being bad for your metabolism, you may end up feeling lethargic and generally unwell on your holiday as a result of an extreme diet – not what you want when you’ve paid a lot of money for your trip! Rather than trying to lose three stone in two months (not advisable!), focus instead on toning up what you already have. Continue with light cardio but put more of your energy into weight lifting – this will help to tone your muscles as well as burn excess fat, giving you a streamlined yet still curvy look.

Hair removal

Everyone has a different opinion on female body hair. Some of us don’t mind sporting a bit of au natural fur, while others feel more comfortable going completely hair-free. If the latter applies to you, why not try out these electric shavers for women, or products of a similar description? The ideal shaver should be efficient (no one has hours to spend shaving their legs, right ladies?), painless and hassle free. You will feel so much more confident stripping down to your bikini knowing that you are free of any unwanted hair.

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Hair care

As much as we all love a tropical vacation destination, there’s no denying that it can play havoc with our hair. Sea-salt, UV rays and chlorine all mean that our hair can be at risk of serious damage, so you need to make sure that it is protected both before and during your vacation. Indulge in some protecting treatments before you fly and once you are there, make sure you are putting the moisture back into your hair regularly with deep conditioning and laying off the heat products.

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