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Whether we like it or not, we tend to spend a huge portion of our lives working. After all, we have to be able to make money to be able to support our families and enjoy our favorite things in life. To do that, we have to work. Whether you’re a workaholic that loves their job, or you find yourself struggling to get yourself to your desk each day, there’s a high chance that your career is causing you stress. Why? Because it does for so many of us. When you have a lot to do, and no time to do it in, your job can leave you feeling burnt out. And it’s this idea that may mean you should be thinking about a career change.


Even when you do love your job, overworking yourself now may mean that you won’t love it forever. So it could just be the case that you need to change companies, or even move to a related field. But, if you’re unhappy at work and you really dislike your job, then you may benefit from a complete career change the most. After all, we spend so much time at work each day and throughout our lives, that it would be a shame not to enjoy it.


Go Part-Time


First of all, let’s take a look at what you can do to reduce the stress of your current job and make a career change that’s very minimal. Because when you do love your job, completely changing it may not be the right solution for you. Instead, you might like to think about working part-time. Sometimes, reducing your hours is the key to ensuring that you can still enjoy what you’re doing, but not feel too affected by it.


Move To A New Company


If you enjoy your actual job role, you may find that the issues you are currently facing are to do with the company you work for. This isn’t going to be the case for everyone, but if the company culture isn’t quite right, looking to move might be the best solution. You could find that doing the same kind of job, but for a different company, could be the exact kind of career change that you need.



Or A New Industry

Taking that last idea to a new level, you may also want to consider moving industries. Sometimes, the reason why you’re not happy, is because of the topic of work. So, it could work out for you to swap sectors. Say that you’re in marketing, and you currently work in the financial sector. You may find that making a move over to retail could be more enjoyable for you.


Change To Something Similar

Or maybe you need to think about changing your job type slightly. Perhaps the company is okay and you love your sector, but you’re not sure that your actual job role is for you. This could be something as simple as moving from a traditional journalist role to a blogger role. For this, you may need to move companies in order for it to happen, or even go it alone.


Go Freelance

To follow on nicely from the last point, you might find that going freelance is the exact kind of career change that you need at this point in your life. And you don’t just have to be a journalist to make this happen. You could be a designer or consultant, accountant or even a gardener. Many industries can work in a freelance way, as long as you’re willing to bring in business for yourself.


Go Back To School

Or maybe you need a complete change? If you don’t want to work for the company you’re at, or even do the same job anymore, you might like to think about going back to school. Deciding to study full-time is a big step, but if you’re really unhappy and your current commitments can allow it, it might just be the best move you’ve ever made. Especially if it means you can do something that you’ve always wanted to do.



Retrain In The Evenings

Staying on the same idea slightly, you may also want to study, but with a different kind of purpose. Not everyone can quit their job and go back to school full-time. But, you may still want to study to change your career. This can be the case when you want to train to go into a specific industry. Whether you look into online nursing graduate programs or even teaching qualifications, research now. You may find that you can study part-time in the evenings to make your career change happen.

Get An Internship

Sometimes, your career change could be something as simple as getting an internship. This might be something that you’d like to do after you’ve gone back to school, or you can even apply for using some of the transferrable skills that you already have. Because you don’t always have to study for a career change. Sometimes, you can use your current skills and experiences to start off in an entirely new career.


Start A Side Hustle

But what about starting something completely on your own? You may not have thought about doing something for yourself before, but when you’re unhappy, and you want to make a change, starting something on the side could be exactly what you need. Whether you starting blogging alongside your day job, or even make accessories to sell online in the evenings, you could find that your new venture prepares you for a new career or even a business venture.


Launch Your Own Business

And finally, you’ve always got the option to start your own business. Even if you’ve never really wanted to be an entrepreneur, you never know where life is going to take you. If you have a specific skill or hobby, why not think about turning it into a small business? You may even want to take your skills from your current career and starting out on your own. This could be the exact kind of career change that you didn’t know you needed.


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