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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and there will be lots of us fretting about what to get our other half for the special day. There are tons of options out there available for you to buy, and to make a decision on, but because of the vast quantity of products on the market our decision is made that much harder. It is never a good idea to buy the same thing as last year (men – take note – flowers and chocolate do get old and do not have the same effect if they are bought for the second, third, or fourth year running). Instead, you should try to go for something different, something unique, that will leave a lasting memory and impression on your love. Show them that you have put a lot of thought into the occasion – even if they have not!

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If your other half is a big film or TV buff, you could take them to a special screening of a brand new film that they have been talking about and have been wanting to see. Or, you could search online for limited edition box sets, or even get signed memorabilia from their favourite actor or actress. You could also buy them quirky T shirts with quotes from their favourite film or TV show, or cast figures which they can put in the bedroom or could take pride of place in the living room.

If eating, or food, is an aspect of life that they really enjoy, then you could purchase a cookery book with all sorts of recipes that they will enjoy making. You could also book a table at a favourite restaurant (maybe where you had your first date) or a new restaurant which everyone is talking about. Alternatively, you could take a look at and order something at home, for a candlelit dinner, which could be really romantic with some of your favourite music playing at a low level in the background.

Your other half may be a fan of sports. If so, you could take a look at upcoming games in your area and surprise them with tickets. Or, you could search for merchandise of their favourite team. You could also decide to opt for signed memorabilia, such as jerseys, photographs and balls. If you were to contact a local team (if your other half likes them), and ask them for a signed piece of memorabilia and tell them why you want it, the chances are that they will take the time to sign what you want. This will make Valentine’s Day extra special.

Go all out for Valentine’s Day, as you know your partner deserves it. Show them how much you care, how dedicated you are to them, and how much you love them by doing something extra special which they will never forget. If you do well, and they appreciate what you have got them, they may feel inclined to treat you too – without the pressure of Valentine’s Day!

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