Your Body Changes; Get On With It!

A life without changing would be monotone.

That’s precisely why most people tend to consider a change of mind as a prove of growth. The interests you had as a child evolve and change. Whether it was your preferred TV show or your dream career, it’s fair to say that your views are probably miles-apart from what you used to enjoy and believe as a child. Similarly, as you meet new people, you get to watch some relationships evolve. You end up feeling attracted to people you never paid attention to and falling out of love with those you cared the most about. It’s all part of life, and in the end, you accept it without question.

So it can be strange that, while you get on with the changes in your mind, you can have a lot of troubles accepting the changes in your body.

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The philosophical quest of self: Am I still me when I’m changing?  

Your body changes all the time

It doesn’t matter whether you are the kind of person who can maintain their weight and shape – regardless of the actual weight and shape measurements. The truth is that your body is not cut in stone. It’s a living organism, and, as such, it changes all the times even if you don’t notice it. For instance, did you know that you should get a bra fitting at least once a year? Indeed, your breasts need support, comfort, and style – you want to look good too! But the bra you need will depend on the elasticity of your skin, the shape, and strength of your muscles, and the type of clothes you’d like to wear. Even if it seems like you’re not changing bra sizes, your body can undergo subtle transformations, such as a slight imbalance as a result of carrying your shoulder bag on the same side, for example. When your lingerie stops being comfortable, it means your body has changed!

The honest question: Can I get on with it?

Admittedly, not all changes are invisible. But some changes might remain unnoticed until you experience a wake-up call. A lot of curvy girls are aware of their body, and they love it. But some accidentally wake up one morning to realize they’ve put on weight – from the stay-at-home mom to the stressed-out student. What happens if you can’t come to terms with your new reality? You can find support to take back control and change your body into a shape you love – is an excellent address to book a first advisory appointment. Surgery treatment, diets, an active lifestyle, these are the typical way to encourage changes. But if you do, make sure you do it for yourself and not because you’re worried nobody would love a curvy you.

The 2nd most important question: Are all changes healthy?

Lastly, some changes are normal. Others can be a symptom. Don’t just dismay physical transformations with a regular check-up with your doctor, as per Whether it’s sudden weight gain or new freckles, you want an expert to read between the lines.

Nobody ever remains the same. Your body reacts to a variety of factors, from stress to diet habits. Accepting and acknowledging all the transformations can help you to stay in control of who you are.  

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