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Vying with New York, Tokyo and Paris for the title of the world’s greatest city, London is awash with the kind of attractions that’ll have you coming back for more all your life. But with so much at your fingertips on a stay in London, the question always presents itself: what should you prioritize? This go-to guide to London unveils the absolute must-see sights and the must-experience cultural events that’ll mean you’re soaking up all the heritage and intrigue that London has to offer, whether you’re there for a weekend or a month.


Any visitor to London will be interested in seeing the main sights, and thankfully these can all be taken in on a day if you play your cards right. In the far east side of the city, by the Thames, you’ve got the Tower of London and Tower Bridge – two commanding French-inspired landmarks of medieval London. To the West, you’ll find Westminster, Big Ben, the London Eye and a host of incredibly picturesque official government buildings. That’s not to mention Buckingham Palace, where you’ll be able to wave over at the Queen’s guards!


Modes of transport in London will help you get around without your getting tired out. They’re also iconic and famous, which means you’ll want to use them anyway. It’s a rite of passage to take the extensive underground network – one of the world’s oldest and most complex – and to wave down both a black cab and a red double-decker bus. Then you’ll want to head to King’s Cross Station – or at least, any Harry Potter fan will – to see the mysterious in-between-y platform and the iconic British rail system. If you’re dying to get above London, you’ll be able to find helicopter tours too – at a price.


There’s so much going on in London that you’ll be forgiven for finding it too hard to know where to start. That’s why it’s useful to head to websites selling cheap London attraction tickets, which help present and narrow down some of the finest West End musical performances, or experimental gigs, across the whole of the city. Elsewhere, you’ll be able to find useful blogs that detail evening-by-evening shows, or even use the Facebook ‘event’ tab to check out what’s happening in your borough of London in the evening.


London is the beating heart of British culture and in some ways an epicenter of European sensibilities too. In that sense, you’ve got an outrageously exciting amount of culture to soak up, if you yourself are visiting London to view its unrivaled wealth of artifacts, museum items, and artistic beauties. From galleries overlooking the Thames to the British Museum, which is widely seen as the finest museum of archaeology in the world, you’re sure to find places to discover to emerge five hours later, utterly bamboozled by all there is to see.

Whether your trip to London lasts two days or twenty, this guide should set you up well to make the most of your time in one of the world’s finest cities.

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