You’re A Black Woman And A BB Cream Should Be The Least Of Your Worries

Yeah I know the title sounds really bad but trust me, but once you read this in it’s entirety, you will understand where I am coming from. So a few weeks ago I was herp derping around on Twitter (if you don’t follow my train wreck of an account please do so) and saw this article posted by Sade Strehlke, a contributor to xoJane. Basically she said she can’t find a BB cream for her skintone .

The BB Cream rage is a problem that consists of many layers:

Your abandonment of basic skin care practices.

I hate that I, other bloggers, makeup artists and cosmetic companies made you believe that somehow, BB creams would be the end all miracle product for your skin. The truth is, they are not. You want flawless skin? Get a skincare routine started. It’s original purpose was to protect the skin of post laser surgery patients. It was not intended to be worn everyday for the rest of your life in hopes that you would wake up one day with the skin of Halle Berry (IMO of course).

The fleecing of your traincase

They… we… made you think you were buying something fantastic but in reality you are only purchasing a glorified tinted moisturizer. Remember when CoverGirl started their own BB Cream line and someone matched the ingredient list from a tinted moisturizer up with the ingredient list of the BB Cream and they were the same? Yeah. CoverGirl got caught. You think they were the only brand that did this? Most tinted moisturizers has SPF in them anyway, so your mass-produced BB Creams are not much different from the tinted moisturizer they should have made in the first place.

Girl, it really wasn’t for you in the first place

Every look at the country where the rage began (Asia)? Notice something about them? Yeah, they have silky #smood (inside joke) skin…but are we really going to hop over the fact that their skin is STARK WHITE. I don’t think I need to go any further with this point.

There are dark BB Creams out there do your research

aj crimson

Maybelline, Iman, AJ Crimson, Marcelle, Smashbox, Sleek and Gosh all make BB Creams. They may or may not be glorified tinted moisturizers, but the label says BB Cream right? Availability of products should never be an issue or excuse if you have internet access. If you are reading this, then you can purchase what you want online. I live in the cosmetic hell that is Mississippi, and I can find and get whatever I want, sitting right here in front of my computer.

I’m not trying to tell you what to do or how to live your life, but for every one black girl out there that feels they don’t make a BB Cream in their shade, it’s another 100 that feel that same way and wont say a thing. Yes, we can call a spade a spade, cosmetic companies consistently ignore us creating lines with foundations, tinted moisturizers and BB Creams that don’t match us. Do I have a solution? No. At this point (and I can admit it may be a very ignorant choice), what I do is give them digital silence. I don’t review certain products by brands that don’t at the least offer foundations in shades for black women. I also encourage other black women to do that same. If you don’t have a foundation for us, it’s clear you didn’t make this makeup line for us.  Yeah Rimmel makes some beautiful lipsticks, but what if I wanted to create an entire look with their products? I cant because there are no foundations in my shade.

Focus on skin care, embrace the brands that make cosmetics for you (there are plenty).  That’s the only solution that I can come up with.

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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

11 thoughts on “You’re A Black Woman And A BB Cream Should Be The Least Of Your Worries

  1. Beauty Thesis

    This needs to be a memo cc’d to every single blogger of colour.. and the consumer that is willing to do some research beyond the hype.


    1. FairyGlammother



  2. disqus_3v8KekKWkJ

    Thank God someone finally said it.


    1. FairyGlammother



  3. Wondering

    I thank you because I had no clue what a BBcream was and no commercial ever explained it. I assumed it was a tinted moisturizer but couldn’t understand the hype. Thank You.


  4. Donna M

    Yes, BB Cream is definitely another name for tinted moisturizer. I do have three BB creams that I do enjoy during the warm months…Maybelline BB Cream, AJ Crimson, and my favorite, Kiss NY BB Cream. Kiss NY BB Cream is definitely for dark skin and its only $8 at your local beauty supply stores. But, outside of that, light foundation, such as Revlon Nearly Naked (my new fave) is the best and like you said…a great skincare routine. Because, honestly, when I was experiencing all of the hyper pigmentation from acne marks, etc, the BB cream didn’t do much for me at all.


    1. Aprill

      That’s what I noticed as well. All the BB creams I have used over the years did nothing for hyper pigmentation.


  5. Mzbrownshugah

    Love this post!


  6. examplesample

    BB creams are ACTUALLY full coverage foundations with anti-aging ingredients, primer, and sunscreen built in. That’s what they are in Korea, where they were invented. Then of course white people had to bastardize it! They changed the name (Beauty Balm instead of Blemish Balm) and the ingredients and sold it to suckers outside of Asia. Thank you for exposing the truth! (I do like Iman’s line though, really nice daily tone evener)


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      It evolved into foundation, but in the 60’s it was nothing more than a balm for post op laser surgery patients. Isnt it amazing that a cream that has been around for so long can be morphed into a new product (foundation) in the span of a year? All it’s history lost.


  7. JenJ

    *shakes tambourine*


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