You’re Golden: How To Achieve The Latest Luxe Nail Effects

If you are looking for a little luxe in your everyday life what better way to achieve this than to wear golden hues on your nails? There is such a variety of methods you can use to get this super on-trend look as well. Just read on to find out what they are.


Neutral with tape

I think this is the is one of the most underrated, yet probably the coolest nail trend around at the moment. It consists of painting your nail in a cute neutral shade. Then waiting until that they have dried, apply washi tape in a diagonal direction covering the bottom half of the nail.

Once that’s done you can take your favorite gold varnish and paint the top of the nail. Leave to dry and remove the tape. Then seal with a few layers of top coat, and you have a luxe design that you can wear anywhere from the office to a night out with the girls.

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Gold tip French manicure

For those that much prefer a very simple nail design, the gold-tipped French manicure is perfect. This much like the style above as you choose a single tone for the nail and then finishing off the design with a lick of gold.

However, instead of painting half the nail gold, you can paint only the very top. Traditionally this is the part that would be painted white if you had a French manicure.

Some clever people can do this freehand, but if you struggling why not use a handy nail guide like the ones shown at help? Then you will be able to get a luxe look in half the time.

Gatsby cool

Next, a wonderful way to make an impact on your nails is with a Gatsby, 1930s style design. This involves created nail art with golden lines. Something that you are quite welcome to try yourself, but for the less creative among us can also be left to a professional nail artist too.

However, if you do choose to do this look yourself, it’s a lot easier to paint in on false nails before you apply them. The larger more dramatic nails look the best like the coffin or stiletto styles. Just remember to allow the design to dry before you apply them. Then all that left is for you to show them off at sites like designed for nail addicts. You may just be able to get some ideas for your next design there too.

Marble elegance

Last of all, and probably the most complicated design is a marbling pattern. The idea being that your nails have that elegant, minimal look that is represented by the marble pattern and so on trend right now.

You can get tutorials on how to do this at places like, but the safe money is on buying a set that a professional artist has already painted, and then just sticking them on at home. Something that makes it a very easy way to achieve the gorgeous, golden luxe nail trend.


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