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We’re all nature lovers here, right? The universe is amazing, and it can do amazing things for us, too. From pointing us in the right direction to helping us find the strength to go on, it’s always there. The only trouble is, when you give the universe too much credit, you forget about your power. Remember that you are part of nature. Because of that, you have incredible power running through your veins! The core of you is strong and unshakeable. So, it’s time to give yourself a little credit. Here are a few examples of when you’ve been more responsible than you may have previously thought!

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Remember what we were saying about you being part of nature? Remember that the next time you turn to gemstones and natural remedies. There’s no denying that nature can be powerful. It can help to ground us and remind us of what really matters. But, you have the power to realize those things. It’s already within you. When you rely on external help, you forget about your innate power to cope. That can leave you dependent and unhappy. Realize that it’s you who gives those stones their power. They may be a physical reminder, but it’s you who allows them to heal. Without you, they turn back to stones! So, next time you’re in a fix without them to hand, see what you can do. It might surprise you!

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows the globular cluster NGC 1854, a gathering of white and blue stars in the southern constellation of Dorado (The Dolphinfish). NGC 1854 is located about 135 000 light-years away, in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), one of our closest cosmic neighbours and a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. The LMC is a hotbed of vigorous star formation. Rich in interstellar gas and dust, the galaxy is home to approximately 60 globular clusters and 700 open clusters. These clusters are frequently the subject of astronomical research, as the Large Magellanic Cloud and its little sister, the Small Magellanic Cloud, are the only systems known to contain clusters at all stages of evolution. Hubble is often used to study these clusters as its extremely high-resolution cameras can resolve individual stars, even at the clusters’ crowded cores, revealing their mass, size and degree of evolution.

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There’s no denying that the stars hold a lot of helpful info. Looking at stars is traveling back in time, after all. The answers to many of life’s questions lie in the gems of the sky. A lot of personal answers can come from them, too. But, the reason horoscopes are so interesting is not what they predict, but how we react to it. It is those reactions that have a lot to teach you. That’s why a lot of the power comes from within you, not in the stars. The predictions are merely vessels to show you what you already know. If a prediction strikes a chord with you, it’s obvious that you need to work on that particular aspect of your life. And, the stars can’t make any changes for you, can they?

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The last point is fate. You know, that strange force that seems to keep you on the right life path. We’ve all had moments where everything has come together in the most unlikely way. Even when things seem to have fallen apart, we’re on a path we don’t know about yet. But, it’s important not to give fate too much credit. There’s no denying that it’s there, but you may not feel the benefits if you do nothing to help yourself. Fortune doesn’t favor the lazy. If you want to make a change, do it. Fate is sure to follow you when you want to take the lead.

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