You’ve Said Yes To The Big Question! Now Here Come The Other Decisions!

Congratulations! Your engaged and that is terrific news! It’s likely that you’re on cloud 9 at the moment and everything is a fuzzy blur. However, as things do start to get back to normal, you will discover there now you have said yes to the big question there are quite a few other decisions that now need your attention as well. Luckily, you can find out what these are in my post below.

Decide what ring to get.

Some people make their proposal with a ring, but many others like to go through the process of choosing the engagement ring together as a couple. Of course, this means that once you have said yes, it’s time to make the huge decision as to what type of ring to go for.

Luckily, the internet can come to the rescue here because you can check out places like this diamond engagement ring store online and get an idea of what is available. In fact, you may not even need to go to a physical shop to find the ‘one,’ as many online engagement ring retailers offer free and generous return periods now. Something that will allow you to try on your choices and check they are exactly right for you.

Decide who will give you away.

Next, as soon as your friends and family find out about your engagement people will start to wonder what role they have in the wedding, even if you haven’t set a date or time yet! That’s why it’s a good idea to get these sort of decisions out of the way quickly, then nobody is waiting around not knowing what to expect!

Of course, it’s traditionally for the bride’s father to give her away at a wedding, but the isn’t always possible. If this is the case for you try and pick someone that means a lot to you and has supported you in your life whether that is your mom, brother, sister, other relative or friend.

After all, doing so mean you will have someone to lean on in the ceremony, and it will provide a beautiful bonding moment between you both.

Decide who will be your bridesmaids.

Similarly, your best girlfriends will also be wondering whether they will be asked to be your maids, as soon as they hear you are now engaged. Once again deciding who make the cut is something that is best to do closer to your engagement than the actual wedding as it gives everyone enough time to plan accordingly.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the soon you have bridesmaid sorted, the more support with the planning, and the occasional wedding stress you will have to deal with as well.

Decide when to hold your wedding.

Lastly, another decision that is best made closer to your engagement to the big day itself is when you will hold your wedding. This is because when you have a season and day agreed on, you can start to let people know and they can save the date. Therefore you won’t risk anyone that is dear to you missing your big day if you take the time to make this decision early on.  

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