Zoya Awaken Swatches and Review

Zoya Awaken

It’s so refreshing to see spring colors, especially during this never-ending winter.  Spring has been a tease in 2014, tantalizing coastal South Carolina with 70-degree sunshine days but slamming the door in our faces with cold rain.  I have a lot of respect for people who deal with colder temperatures because I simply cannot deal…living in Florida for 20 years tends to do that.

Zoya’s spring 2014 collection is named Awaken, which is appropriate after 2014’s record-breaking winter.  Even if the outside temperatures and weather aren’t that accommodating, the bright palette will make you feel a bit warmer inside.


Brooklyn (three coats) is a metallic frosty gold shimmer.  It’s not a typical frosty nightmare but brushstrokes are apparent.


Cole (three coats) is a creamy peach.  While it is a pretty color, the gloopy application is a nightmare.


Dot (three coats) is a baby pink.  It’s not unique but I’m drawn to it anyway.

The following three colors all have a similar fine iridescent gold glass-fleck finish.  They’re all opaque after two coats and apply smoothly.


Dillon (seafoam green)


Hudson (light violet)


Rebel (sky blue)

Don’t they remind you of mermaids?  It could be Ariel and a couple of her sisters.


Finally, this collection also features Monet, a top coat full of iridescent glitter.  I layered one coat over Cole.

I can’t say I’m a fan of Monet.  I’m tempted to include a famous Clueless quote…

<iframe src=”http://www.screenr.com/embed/srf7” width=”650″ height=”396″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

…but it’s actually pretty.  I’m just not a fan of the formula…it’s VERY thick and gloopy, so it’s a nightmare to evenly apply the glitter.  I may thin Monet out with Seche Restore before attempting to wear it again.

Overall, I kind of wish the whole collection had the same finish as Dillon, Hudson and Rebel.  Brooklyn is out of place as a metallic, Cole and Monet have persnickety formulas and Dot is pretty nondescript.  I hope Zoya continues to release more colors in the same finish.

Zoya Awaken lacqers retail for $9, Zoya Monet retails for $10. Available on Zoya.com

Will you be picking up any Awaken shades?

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