Zoya Delight Spring 2015 Preview


Zoya is featuring a soft, yet bold collection this Spring with the Delight Collection. The collection features three creams and three metallic shades that flash turquoise for an all new way to wear pastels!

Shades in the collection include:



  • Rayne: Dewy, spring blue with an energizing turquoise metallic flash.
  • Lillian: Faded aquamarine with a glossy cream finish.
  • Tiana: Palette-cleansing ‘pistachio gelato’ green in a glossy cream finish.
  • Daisy: Refreshing ‘lemon merengue’ yellow with a turquoise metallic flash.
  • Leslie: Soft spring lavender with a turquoise metallic flash.
  • Eden: Classic spring flower pink in a glossy cream finish.

Zoya Delight retails for $9 each and will be available in top salons, spas and on zoya.com 2/2/15

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