Zoya Focus And Zoya Flair Swatches And Review

Disclosure: Contains press samples

Is it really fall?!

I’m still in a bit of shock that it’s already fall.  Where did summer go?  Soon I’ll be living in Lululemon yoga pants and Uggs until March.  Don’t hate 😛

It might be the end of summer but don’t be sad:  fall collections are here!  Let’s see what polishes Zoya has to offer this fall!

Zoya Focus Swatches

Zoya Focus

Zoya Focus Fall 2015 - Charli

Charli (two coats):  dusty taupe crème with a hint of green


Zoya Focus Fall 2015 - Desiree

Desiree (two coats):  classic sable brown


Zoya Focus Fall 2015 - Hannah

Hannah (two coats): classic red crème with a neutral undertone


Zoya Focus Fall 2015 - Janel

Janel (two coats):  deep red crème with a warm undertone


Zoya Focus Fall 2015 - Lidia

Lidia (two coats): rich eggplant crème


Zoya Focus Fall 2015 - Sia

Sia (two coats): royal blue crème

Almost all of the crème polishes have flawless, buttery two-coat application.  The only exception is Lidia, which I had a bit of a problem applying toward my cuticle.  Lidia was a bit thicker than the other polishes.  Zoya warns that Sia can stain due to it being highly pigmented.  I did wear a base coat while swatching Sia:  Pretty Serious Force Field.  Force Field is an anti-staining base coat and it definitely did the trick…no Smurf nails for me!

Zoya Flair Swatches, $9

Zoya Flair


Zoya Flair Fall 2015 - Aggie

Aggie (three coats):  gold holo flip liquid metal with bronze micro glitter


Zoya Flair Fall 2015 - Cinnamon

Cinnamon (two coats): classic bronze liquid metal


Zoya Flair Fall 2015 - Ember

Ember (two coats):  deep, fiery red liquid metal


Zoya Flair Fall 2015 - Estelle

Estelle (two coats):  blue on blue liquid metal with a blackened base


Zoya Flair Fall 2015 - Giada

Giada (two coats):  purple liquid metal with a hint of fuchsia pearl


Zoya Flair Fall 2015 - Tris

Tris (three coats):  blackened, brushed nickel liquid metal

Unfortunately, the application for the shimmers were not as flawless as the crèmes.  Cinnamon, Ember, and Estelle all exhibit visible brushstrokes.  Aggie and Tris are very thin and require three coats for opacity.  I’m not usually a red shimmer fan, but Ember has an ethereal flaming glow that needs to be seen in person.  Despite Zoya’s description, there is no holographic effect in Aggie, but it has a color shift from orange to gold to green that is hard to capture on camera.  Despite the thin consistency, I love Tris.  It reminds me of one of my favorites, Chanel Graphite, but with a much finer shimmer.

I absolutely love the color palette:  nudes and browns with jewel tones.  I do wish there was a dark green rather than three reds, but at least they apply well.  I always see good formulas as a positive, whether or not I personally like the colors.  Overall, Zoya is full of win with their crème collection and a bit hit-or-miss with the shimmers.  My favorites are  Charli, Sia, Ember, Giada and Tris.  Pull out your scarves and boots, because Zoya fall is here!

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