Zoya Magical Pixie Summer 2014 Swatches And Review

zoya pixie dusts

Zoya is back again with their holographic glitter-packed Magical PixieDust line!  Zoya’s Magical PixieDust is a variant of their popular PixieDust textured glitter line but features heavy holographic glitter versus the finer glitter found in the original.

While this is labeled as a summer collection, I feel as if it would be more appropriate for Valentine’s Day with the rather monochromatic color scheme.  It’s pretty (helloooooo holographic glitter!) but a bit boring.


Arlo (two coats) heavy holographic glitter in a purple-leaning jelly base.


Arlo (two coats) with Gelous and China Glaze Fast Forward


Let me take this moment to tell you about a little polish secret…

While Gelous is marketed as a base coat, it also can be used to help level out top-coat guzzling glitter polishes.  Instead of using 2-3 coats of top coat, you can use one coat of Gelous prior to putting on your favorite top coat.


Bar (two coats) heavy gold holographic glitter in a nude jelly base.  I was surprised to like Bar…it looks both extravagant yet understated at the same time.


Bar (two coats) with Gelous and China Glaze Fast Forward



Ginni (two coats) heavy holographic glitter in a candy pink jelly base


Ginni (two coats) with Gelous and China Glaze Fast Forward

I would like to see Zoya come out with darker, richer Magical PixieDusts.  Both the spring and summer 2014 collections featured lighter shades so I’m hoping for moodier, jewel tones in upcoming lines.

Zoya Magical Pixiedusts retails for $10 a bottle. Pick them up on Zoya.com.

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  1. jbrobeck

    I wasn’t really into these until I saw Janice’s swatches! She can make ANYTHING look good!


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