Zoya Naturel: Nail Polish’s Answer To The Naked Trend


zoya naturel swatches

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Zoya’s Spring 2014 Naturel collection are all variances on the classic nude creme.  Considering the never-ending Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette craze (has it really been three years?!) it’s no surprise that manicures would eventually follow suit. Like the recently-released Naked 3 palette, this collection leans very pink.  I was initially hesitant about this collection due to my own golden-toned complexion, but I’m curious to see how it looks on other skintones.


Chantal (French vanilla cream) was a pain to apply.  This polish requires patience and time to dry between coats or else you’ll end up with a streaky mess.  This disappointed me since it was the one I hoped would work well with my skintone.


Taylor (light toffee cream) surprised me.  Like a pop country singer with the same name, I wanted to dislike it so bad but yet I still end up singing along when her songs pop up on the radio.  Taylor applies a lot better than Chantal and doesn’t clash with my skintone.  I can see myself wearing this for a conservative work function.


Rue (boudoir blush cream) reminds me of a familiar 80s movie, Steel Magnolias.  Shelby would have definitely picked this for her wedding manicure, since it was one of her wedding colors (Blush and Bashful!).


Brigitte (bombshell mauve cream) shares a name with my favorite style icon, Brigitte Bardot.  I know the “bombshell” is in reference to Ms. Bardot, but I find it very subdued.


Odette (sultry maroon cream) leans purple on me.  I don’t know where Zoya got maroon from…I tend to think of that as a dark red rather than the smoky purple crème we have here.


Normani (sable mauve cream) looks like a slightly grape chocolate milk.  I’m not so sure what kind of reaction that would have on your taste buds or tummy, but the combination as a mani gives a bit of an edge to nude polish.

As I mentioned above, Chantal is the problem child when it comes to application.  I used three coats on all 6 polishes but Odette and Normani have the best formulas and are opaque after two coats.

Overall, Zoya Naturel reminds me a lot of OPI’s France collection from fall 2010 with the moody yet chic mushroom-y nudes.  Creative Nail Design also released a collaboration set with designer Jason Wu in spring 2011 including two colors similar to Naturel, a similar mauve also named Brigitte and a light sable named Sophia. China Glaze’s 2012 Hunger Games collection also has Dress Me Up, a Rue-like pink and Foie Gras, another sable cream.

It’s not completely original or outstanding, but it would be great for anyone with a bit more restricting work environment.  Even though I’ve worked in offices for the last year and a half, I’ve been very fortunate to have dress codes that are very forgiving towards nail polish.  I’ll probably wear these for more formal out-of-town work conferences.

Will you be matching your nails to your eyeshadow this spring?

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12 thoughts on “Zoya Naturel: Nail Polish’s Answer To The Naked Trend

  1. Angela Garza

    My favorite is Rue. Maybe because it is the perfect nudey pink color.


    1. Princess Cookie

      It’s very neat and understated.


  2. cpbebe

    thanks for an excellent swatch and review!


    1. Princess Cookie

      Thank you so much!


  3. KinksCurlsandLOVE

    Amazing swatches and review! I knew after looking at every Swatch on other blogs that Chantal would be a pain in the bum. It just looks like it’ll give me a headache at least. Meh.


    1. Princess Cookie

      NOPI Spring 2014 has one similar to Chantal with less hassle! Stay tuned


  4. Carolina

    Thanks for the amazing swatches and I love that you mentioned Steel Magnolias!


    1. Princess Cookie

      Thank you so much! I need to watch it again soon 🙂


  5. Shevy

    I love those two on the second row!


    1. Princess Cookie

      I just wish Chantal was easier to apply! Odette was fantastic though


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