Zoya Ornate Collection Is Full Of Sparkle, Holographic, And Awesomeness

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Zoya’s Holiday Collection is full of my favorite things- Sparkles, holographic glitter, metallics, and jewel tones. My nails are short and nubby but that should not deter you into checking out the awesomeness that is the Zoya Ornate Collection.

Zoya shot

Zoya Ziv

Ziv- Gold. You looking for some other fancy terms to describe this color? Well, Ziv is composed on may different sizes of gold glitter particles all mixed up in one bottle. I love the way I feel when I apply Ziv, and she does not require that many coats.  You can literally apply two coats and have the perfect look. Which means that this polish is not going to take all day to apply. Did I mention how pretty it was against my skintone?

Zoya Blaze

Blaze- My bestie Brandi is going to love this color. She was the first thing that came to my mind when I opened it. Blaze is a gorgeous sparkling cranberry. Not only is it cranberry, but it’s full of little holographic particles of glitter. Blaze is also a two coater. This is the perfect color for women of color. If I can remember to create a recommendation list, this will go to the top of it for women of color.

Zoya Logan

Logan- Logan is everything I envisioned the emerald to be. The base is forest green, with gold glitter mixed in to make this beautiful, sparkling, emerald green. Logan like everyone else so far, is two coats.

Zoya Aurora

Aurora- Holographic raspberry goodness. I hate the color fuchsia but once you throw holographic glitter in there, you end out with this multidimensional color that just perfect. Aurora takes two coats as well, so with two bottles left to review, is it safe to say that this whole collection is a two coater? I think so, but let’s keep going.

Zoya Storm

Storm- Black as a dark night with multicolored holographic particles giving your standard black lacquer more dimension. Yup, another two coater.

Zoya Electra

Electra- Bar glitter is so blah to me. If you are into holographic bar glitter, Electra is your boo! (She’s not mine though). I will give Electra credit for being dense enough to coat the nail well with two coats. Most glitter top coats take globs and globs and globsssssssssss of coats to get a good coating of glitter and by the time you are done guess what? Your nails are never gonna dry, and after about 2 days, when it finally dries, it’s gonna peel straight off. What a joke!

If this collection tickles your fancy, you can buy individual colors for $8 each, or if you got the $$, buy the whole collection for $48.

Zoya Ornate

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9 thoughts on “Zoya Ornate Collection Is Full Of Sparkle, Holographic, And Awesomeness

  1. Brandish This

    The Zoya Holiday Collection looks great, I especially like the gold. I think it's cute, playful and fun.
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  2. Southern Gorgeous

    Oh my Logan is everything I need. I'm having a green moment and this just tickles my fancy!
    My recent post Chanel Cravings


    1. GGGarbage

      Isnt it gorgeous!!!


  3. lovenailpolish

    Nice swatches! These are some gorgeous colors on you! I am trying not to be jelly of your jellies and holos! Nice holiday nail wardrobe there for sure! Lucky girl!

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    1. GGGarbage

      thank you!


  4. suburban eye feast

    Love all of these!


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