Zoya Seashells & Sunsets Summer 2016 Swatches And Review

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Zoya Seashells and sunset

I hope everyone is keeping cool this summer!  It’s been sweltering hot here in Charleston and most of the southeast US.  Zoya’s summer collection will look great either outside or avoiding the heat inside!


Zoya Sunsets Summer 2016 - Brynn

Brynn (two coats):  popsicle pink


Zoya Sunsets Summer 2016 - Cam

Cam (two coats):  saturated tangerine orange


Zoya Sunsets Summer 2016 - Dixie

Dixie (two coats):  watermelon red


Zoya Sunsets Summer 2016 - Dory

Dory (two coats):  vibrant cornflower blue


Zoya Sunsets Summer 2016 - Liv

Liv (two coats):  saturated purple


Zoya Sunsets Summer 2016 - Ness

Ness (two coats):  softened jade green with a hint of blue

These polishes are touted as one-coat creams, but I found that they’re better with 2 coats.  The application is buttery smooth and some can be opaque in one coat (Brynn, Cam, Dixie and Dory).


Zoya Seashells Summer 2016 - Bay

Bay (two coats):  sky blue glitter with fine silver and gold glitter


Zoya Seashells Summer 2016 - Cece

Cece (two coats):  green glitter with a thin vein of gold



Zoya Seashells Summer 2016 - Levi

Levi (two coats):  beige gold with hexagonal holographic glitter


Zoya Seashells Summer 2016 - Linds

Linds (two coats):  cherry red glitter with fuchsia glitter


Zoya Seashells Summer 2016 - Tilly

Tilly (two coats):  gray glitter with holographic glitter


Zoya Seashells Summer 2016 - Zooey

Zooey (two coats):  classic pink with fine gold and hexagonal holographic glitter

I feel like Seashells has more variety than just the usual plain matte PixieDusts.  I feel like Bay, Cece and Tilly definitely fit the name “PixieDust” with their ethereal, delicate fairy-like appearances.  If you love gold, you need Levi…it’s an in-your-face mix of fine gold glitter with holographic glitter.  I love the combination of pink and gold in Zooey, but I’m not a fan of it against my skintone.  I definitely recommend waiting between coats to dry for an even texture.

Seashells and Sunsets are now available at Zoya.com

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