Zoya Whispers Spring Transitional 2016 Swatches And Review

Zoya Whispers Transitional

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I sure hope everyone has survived the blizzard!  It’s nothing compared to the rest of the East Coast, but we actually got snowflakes in South Carolina!  While I strongly prefer warmer weather, the current temperatures feel right for the season.

Despite the fact that most of the East Coast is covered in snow, Zoya has released a “spring transitional” collection.  I’m deducing that they mean “transitional” going from winter into spring.  These soft shades are a bit muted with the promise of spring color.

Zoya Whispers Spring Transitional 2016 - April

April (2 coats):  “light, rosy neutral; a modern take on blush”


Zoya Whispers Spring Transitional 2016 - Cala

Cala (2 coats):  “soft nude with a kiss of warmth”


Zoya Whispers Spring Transitional 2016 - Eastyn

Eastyn (2 coats):  “subtle grayed grape; more interesting than mauve”


Zoya Whispers Spring Transitional 2016 - Ireland

Ireland (2 coats):  “uniquely wearable green; muted, subtle and interesting”


Zoya Whispers Spring Transitional 2016 - Lake

Lake (2 coats):  “softened blue; effect of serene water”


Zoya Whispers Spring Transitional 2016 - Misty

Misty (2 coats):  “easy-to-wear taupe; updated version of gray with a touch of green”

My main problem with the collection was not with the polish itself, but with my camera.  I kept capturing Cala and Misty with a yellow cast, no matter what I did.  I had to tweak the color on Photoshop to make them more consistent with reality.

These colors look very soft, like the baby alpaca yarn I’ve been knitting hats with.  The formula is a bit tricky on April, Cala, and Lake, but you can obtain opacity with two coats.  Eastyn, Ireland and Misty are fairly effortless to apply.  My personal favorites are April, Eastyn and Lake.  Like the Naturel Satin collection, it’s a great workplace-friendly collection.

I’m curious to see if Zoya will be releasing an actual spring collection along with this “transitional” collection.  I hope you all keep warm with spring wishes!

Zoya Whispers Spring 2016 Collection retails $10 per bottle or $54 for the entire collection. Purchase at www.zoya.com.

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